Fishers of Men

\”Come, follow me,\” Jesus said, \”and I will make you fishers of men.\”


Rev. C. F. Donovan, M.A. wrote the book, OUR FAITH AND THE FACTS and it was published in Chicago by Patrick L. Baine, January 1927.

It received a Nihil Obstat from the Very Rev. F. X. McCabe, C.M., D.D. (Censor Deputatus) and an Imprimatur from George Cardinal Mundelein, Archbishop of Chicago, March 2, 1925.

While the articles are dated, they may still be of use to inquirers.  I hope to archive some of the material at this site for the convenience of readers.

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Saint Paul said long ago that Christians should be prepared to give a reason for the Faith that is in them. Catholics of today believe that there never was a time in the history of the Church of Christ when there was greater need for giving reasons — with explanation attached — for the Faith in which we believe and which we practice.

Ours is a duty to practice what we believe. There must be just as many answers to enquiries concerning the doctrines of the Church as here are consistent, practical Church members. We meet so many non-Catholics, sincere and well-disposed, that we must be ready to answer their enquiries with facts and information drawn from authentic and easily accessible sources.

All Catholics, men and women, at different times meet this demand. Moreover, when employed in stores, offices or factories, there is a distribution of non-Catholic literature with which to contend. Anti-Catholic literature provides a hostile attitude toward our people sometimes. A ready intelligent answer will soften this and do much to remove doubts from the mind of a well-disposed enquirer, often preventing him from drifting into the ranks of the “antis” in their un-American propaganda. Even in the mind of an evident bigot the knowledge of our religion commands respect for our teaching and for ourselves. And it shows the Catholic that his is a Church which it does no man honor to hate and gives no man shame to respect and love. A judicious explanation of our Faith never fails to annihilate suspicion and ill-will.

“Catholics and non-Catholics live and work together in this country, associated in business and united by every tie that binds, except that of religion. Why should not Catholics and Protestants live in peace and harmony in a land for which they have fought, whose liberties they enjoy, and whose development is their joint endeavor?” If a better understanding of our Faith, if a timely application of “facts,” obtained in this work can assist this union of heart and mind, even in only one remote case, then many of the reasons for the existence of “Our Faith and the Facts” shall have been justified.

To supply a ready reference for the average man and woman is the purpose of this compilation. To furnish the same for busy people, with just enough on each of the great variety of subjects treated to supply facts and to encourage more extensive reading of authors better qualified to discuss matters which call for the study of a lifetime, is included in this purpose. Recognized authors supply the information given here in all cases where the definition of the Church is not plainly evident. Other men’s minds contribute the facts, and every effort is made to give them all due credit. The compiler claims credit for nothing more than the arrangement of matter, which suffers, of course, in the necessary reduction process. But where every opportunity is given, and every encouragement offered readers to consult authorities on individual subjects, it is felt that this deficiency will be overlooked, especially if any advantage be found in the present arrangement, intended, as it is, for the every-day man and woman, with perhaps no more time at disposal than sufficient to satisfy the demand of the occasion.

It would be presumption to say that all obscurities have been swept away; to think that all subjects have been treated. The average American’s problems have been kept in mind. Effort has been directed to let in light to dispel the clouds of doubt which often surround us. For such instances the compiler gives credit where it is due, to the authors quoted; for instances of incomplete explanation or of downright failure he can only crave forbearance.



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